Trusts and Estates

Trusts and Estates

Maryland and D.C. Trusts and Estates Attorney Helping You With Wills, Trusts and Estates

Attorney Morris Klein can help with all aspects of trusts and estates issues, including:

  • Estate planning
  • Special needs trusts and planning
  • Will drafting and execution
  • Revocable (“Living”) trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Estate tax issues
  • Estate administration
  • Probate
  • Personal representative’s and trustee’s responsibilities

Estate Planning

When devising an estate plan, Attorney Klein considers how best to protect your children, support your loved ones and contribute to the charitable causes that are special to you.

He thoroughly analyzes your estate and suggests the best options for bequeathing your assets, addressing tax issues, caring for your children and other family members,  supporting personal philanthropic causes and protecting your pets.  He will draft a will that reflects your desires, and establish trusts if they advance your individual needs and your estate planning goals.

Special Needs Trusts and Special Needs Planning

Morris Klein can draft a trust for persons with disabilities (“self-settled trust”)  and for individuals who want to set aside funds for someone who has a disability (“third party trust”).  Such a trust will preserve assets for the disabled person without disqualifying the disabled person’s eligibility for public benefits.


Morris Klein can ease the stress of probating the estate.

He assists executors in all steps of the complex process of probating a will in both Maryland and the District of Columbia probate courts, including:

  • Creating a plan of action to probate the estate properly and expeditiously
  • Filing the will with the probate court
  • Closing and opening bank accounts
  • Transferring assets from the deceased to the estate
  • Paying taxes and other debts

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